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Well, we’ve got just the thing for you. Our shoppe is full to the brim with all sorts of different green and oolong teas – which contain powerful antioxidants.  (And, bonus: they taste delicious!)

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What are antioxidants you say?  Well, according to the University of Maryland Medical Centre, “Antioxidants are substances that fight free radicals — damaging compounds in the body that change cells, damage DNA, and even cause cell death. Many scientists believe that free radicals contribute to the aging process, as well as the development of a number of health problems, including cancer and heart disease. Antioxidants, such as polyphenols in green tea, can neutralize free radicals and may reduce or even help prevent some of the damage they cause.”


“In traditional Chinese and Indian medicine, practitioners used green tea as a stimulant, a diuretic (to help rid the body of excess fluid), an astringent (to control bleeding and help heal wounds), and to improve heart health. Other traditional uses of green tea include treating gas, regulating body temperature and blood sugar, promoting digestion, and improving mental processes.”  Click here to read more from the Maryland Medical Centre about the health benefits of green tea.


So, click here to take a peak at our selection of yummy green teas.  (And, don’t forget to check out our Organic teas – you will find some green goodies in there too!)

{Our fave?  Niagra Peach Green Tea.  Yumm.}



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